The ability to press forward is key

The ability to persevere is one that each of us has

Once you quit, you automatically rule success out as an option. Perseverance, strength, whatever you want to call it it’s a necessary syou-might-have-to-take-unexpected-turns-but-keep-pressing-forward-quote-1ill. It’s also a skill that most people have been blessed with, even if they don’t realize it. It just takes a bit of know how to tap into it.

The desire to quit is formed by intrinsic issues, not extrinsic ones

I’ve found that I quit not when things simply aren’t able to be done, but when I just don’t want to go forward anymore. This means that the task wasn’t too hard, I just didn’t want to keep going. Meaning that I was holding myself back.

We’re what’s holding us back

As stated above, I’ve found that I was the only thing that was holding me back. Upon realizing this I began repeating a mantra to myself whenever I feel like quitting; Which is, “I’m the only thing holding me back”.  My limits, for the most part are all in my head. Now, being human we all have limits, this is a fact.  But, I believe and have found, that our limits are self-imposed things that we place upon ourselves so that we can stop persevering.

Take this for instance,

Two days ago, I ran a 6-minute mile. This was a feat for me considering that leading up to that day, the fastest that I ran a mile was in 10 minutes. Think about it, I shaved 4 minutes off my mile. This wasn’t because of some newfound ability that I had that allowed me to run faster either. It was all because I told myself that I would keep going and that I could keep going. As a matter of fact, while I was running, the one thought that kept going through my mind was “Dude, if you quit this, you’re going to quit everything”. And it’s true, if I quit that run I would’ve been able to quit anything.

Another situation that’s worth mentioning

I was typing my daily watch list and a random thought popped into my head, “Why am I here?”. Seriously, I was thinking “Why am I in college right now, why am I wasting my time in a place that I feel has nothing information-wise to offer me?” At the time, the thoughts made sense; I hadn’t learned anything of real value and most of the knowledge that I’d “gained” in the past few years has come from books that I’d read and real-world work experience. But, the thought that kept me going are; like before, the idea that if I quit college, I’ll be able to convince myself to quit anything and the fact that I only have 1 year left.

The ability to quit should be reserved for severe circumstances

The ability to quit should be reserved for those instances when it is no longer humanly possible for you to continue what you’re doing. During those instances when it just no longer makes sense for you to keep doing said activity. Don’t quit when you no longer feel like doing something, that’s a sure-fire way for you to set yourself u for a long string of constant failures.

Remember, the person who quits neither wins nor loses.


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