Passion is the greatest motivator

Passion: The power of it and how it can be developed

Passion enables you to place your all into what is that you want to do

It’s that simple; Passion for any practice requires you to place your all into said practice. A byproduct of doing this is that we may have to sacrifice a few things, such as; time with friends, family etc.

Passion is the greatest motivator in the world.

I used to have a huge problem with quitting. I would go after things with only the possible monetary gains in mind, using them to propel me forward. It seemed like after reaching a certain level financially, I would always be able to find a reason to say, “Okay, that’s enough. I want to take a break.” At one point I was seriously entertaining the idea that I could quit when I wanted to, simply because I no longer wanted to do it anymore. I attributed this feeling to no longer having a reason to do what I was doing. Which implies that in order to continue moving, I would simply need to have a stronger motivator. Soon after coming to this realization, I realized that I would need to attain a love for what I was doing.
Passion is the greatest motivator

How to develop passion

I don’t believe that you simply develop passion for what you’re doing, you simply have passion. You love what you do and are so focused on that niche that you make sure that whatever you do involving said niche is your best work yet.

The work doesn’t really stop

When you consider the fact that the work doesn’t really stop, you realize why you need something stronger than simply money pushing you forward. This is something that I realized in the past 1-2 years.

There’s no such thing as a means to an end

At one point I used to think about my efforts as a means to an end, but I considered the fact that the work doesn’t really end. That’s why it’s always been suggested to me to do things that I like to do.Have you ever heard the saying, “If you love your work/approach it with passion, it won’t feel like work”?. Rather than simply looking at this idea as one stating that you will be able to no longer look at work as work when you do something that you like, consider the idea that you will be committed enough to keep going when you understand that you have a passion for what you do.

Teachers are a great example

Teachers, the majority of them are some of the lowest paid professionals in the world. This accompanied by the disrespect that they take from a plethora of students on a regular basis makes this job very undesirable.

Why do people do it though?

Why do they get up every morning to go to work for a measly 30k-40k a year?; It’s the passion. I’ve found that a lot of the teachers that I’ve had started teaching because they wanted to induce growth. They understood how important their position was and that they’re the backbone of the world. This is in a way accurate. Without educators, their would be very little growth in this world. Innovative ideas wouldn’t be as prominent, which in turn would mean that our country would remain stagnant and cease to develop. Teachers are important, but I honestly believe that to hold a position such as this, a person must have a love for what they do.

There will be good days and there will be bad days

You’re not always going to be happy with the work that you do but, the sense of accomplishment that you feel when doing it will be great. That’s an important thing to remember; From observation I’ve found that people tend to be turned off from anything that gets too difficult or makes them feel bad for a period. Now, I’m not saying anything along the lines of pushing yourself to the point where you feel terrible. But, I am saying that, there will be times when your work, your love of your work will lead to uncomfortable situations.

So, find your passion and go hard at it if you want to achieve extraordinary results. Remember,(depending on how far you’re willing to take it) there are no days off!


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