Moderation: It’s an easy way to get nowhere fast

Moderation is a sure-fire way to achieve unsatisfactory results

I’ve never been one to subscribe to the idea that moderation is necessary to reach goals. Actually, I think that it results in lots of wasted time and unsatisfactory results. When I say this, I’m implying that we must work hard and push ourselves to achieve the results that we want. Moderation is in short, the unfocused mans way of excusing themselves from working hard. A person who wants to take frequent breakdownloads and is searching for that balanced life is in short, searching for something that is near impossible to achieve if you want to be the best.

Moderation results in wasted time

We have a finite number of years on this earth, this is a fact. With that being said, we also have a finite number of years to reach our goals. Now, if you have a big goal, a somewhat impossible goal, you must dedicate that much more time to reaching it; You’re not going to reach the goal by taking frequent breaks and attempting to find something that, if found will have you waking up at yearly intervals saying, “I have to do something different”.

I say this because I’ve found it to be true

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told, “Hey, you need to get out. Do something. Take a break.” At this point, I’ll honestly feel guilty if I take a break. I’m in the zone, why would I break up the routine that I set for myself just so that I can go do something that I’m going to regret later. That’s usually what the aftermath of hanging out is. I come home and think, “Bro, why did I just do that? I could’ve been here doing something productive. Now that’s time that I can’t get back.” Since time is a very, very, very scarce resource we must make sure that we find ways to use it in the most efficient way possible

If you place your muscles under stress, why won’t you do the same to your body?

From my understanding, a goal is created by people who want to induce growth. It’s something that you’ve either never done before or are having trouble doing again, which is why it’s a called a goal. Now, have you ever heard of anyone inducing exponential growth by taking frequent breaks and relaxing? No? Me neither. To grow, you must place yourself under stress; remember, you’re doing something that you’re never done before.

Don’t be a what if”

I believe that you can have moderation if you want a moderate life.

What is a moderate life you ask?

In my opinion, a moderate life is one where you only have enough. One where you can’t make as big of an impact as you want because you’re busy spending your time elsewhere. It’s a life that results in you asking, “what if?” You know, thinking to yourself, “I wonder how far I could’ve gone if I did this, instead of this” I don’t want to ask myself that question. I want to go through life knowing that I gave it my all. And if I don’t achieve my goals (Which is possible, but very unlikely), I’ll find comfort in that fact.

Up your work ethic

Expecting to become a millionaire when you have a minimum wage work ethic is comparable to expecting to purchase high quality clothing at a dollar store. It’s usually not going to happen. (Anything is possible, but the odds are just too low) You must give something, to get something of equivalent value. Remember this, because we only live once.

P.S. Unless you’re me, I’m going to live forever. Fact.

P.P.S. Happy Thanksgiving


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