Reach out: You can’t do everything by yourself

Being independent is nice but remember, connections are necessary

Growing up, I was always the most independent person that I’d known

If I needed something I went and got it and didn’t wait for anyoreach outne to give it to me. Being independent has helped me in many ways, but it’s also hurt me.  It’s helped because I’ve developed a proactive outlook on life, never waiting on a soul to give me anything. It’s hurt me because I have a huge problem trusting people with work or anything for that matter. This can be attributed to the fact that no one  seems to be as diligent as I am; probably a result of my experiences with people.

Why should we reach out?

There’s a variety of reasons why we should reach out. For one, it makes thing so much easier. We don’t have to struggle with figuring everything out by ourselves. Do you know how long it’s going to take to accomplish anything if we try and learn everything by ourselves?

Way longer than f**king necessary.

We can easily speed up the process by reaching out, asking for help, using our resources. Instead of being closed off, trying to do everything by ourselves.

Two of the obvious advantages of reaching out;

  1. Saves time

    1. Obviously reaching out can save us some time. By going to other people, we are doubling the amount of energy being spent towards reaching an objective. This is in turn should speed up the process (Unless you’re working with an idiot, then it may take way longer).
  2. Efficient use of resources

    1. As I said previously, two minds are better than one. There is more information to pick from when two or more minds are at work solving a problem. And this is only when you’re working on the same problem. Consider when you’re trying to learn something new. Instead of trying to learn something by yourself, you can go to someone around you who may know what you are trying to learn and learn from them. (Make sure that they know what they’re talking about, please)

Even if you don’t want to work with someone per se, you can always ask them questions. Whatever the question is, ask it. And don’t get discouraged by people saying that what you’re asking is a dumb question. There is no such thing as a dumb question, although there are some questions that can be avoided.

With that being said, reach out, get help, ask questions!

P.s. It all comes down to fear. Don’t be afraid of looking inept. Don’t be afraid of trusting someone else’s work ethic. We get a limited amount of time on this earth and we can’t waste it trying to do/learn everything.

P.p.s. Unless someone has made it evident that they’re lazy. Don’t work with lazy people.


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