Sacrifice is necessary for goal achievement

Thought: How bad do you want to realize your goal?

Reaching a goal requires sacrifice

Too much of most things can hurt you; Most of us are aware of this but,with that in mind sacrifice is also necessary to reach a goal. With this thought in mind, I want you to ask yourself, “Is too much one thing always necessarily a bad thing?”

I say no, no it’s not always bad.

The idea that most things can hurt you implies that even the most productive well-meaning activities can be detrimental to some aspect of your life. Our bodies are ill-tempered things that need a bit of well-roundness to be whole. But, consider the price for this well-roundness and your desires.

Aguha Cohen from the Baseline of Health website says,

A study just reported in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine found that people who worked in excess of 60 hours a week, but fewer than 70 hours, increased their risk of developing coronary heart disease by 63 percent compared to those who worked lighter schedules.5 Those who worked over 80 hours a week increased their risk by 94 percent. For the full article click here

The above excerpt states the health implications of overworking yourself, basically saying that it shouldn’t be done. But, why do you think people overwork themselves to this degree? They do it because they have a goal in mind; They understand what they need/want and what it takes to get it.

Why sacrifice?

I’m not glorifying the act of working yourself to the bone, quite the contrary I believe that it’s a waste of time and is the bane of productivity. Rather, I’m saying that we must make sacrifices and understand the risks.

A sacrifice can come in the form of simply cutting out some of your relaxation time to do something that furthers your reach f your goal. Or, waking up an hour earlier so that you


I’ve said this before, but I should probably say it again, when I do something, I freaking do it! I’ve been this way since a child, I just don’t like half doing things (I can thank my dad for that mindset). This work ethic follows me into even the smallest tasks, such as exercise. When I first started working out I would hit the gym every single day. I made myself a routine and I stuck with it. For months, I would get up at 4:30 a.m. and go work out. This nonstop movement (coupled with the fact that I had little knowledge of what I was doing), resulted in me injuring myself several times. I injured myself mainly because I was overworking my body and wasn’t getting much rest (4 hrs.).

Sacrifice is necessary for achievement

Even though the exercise without sufficient rest wasn’t good for me, I was willing to workout with such vigor because I knew what I wanted and was willing to do what I had to get it. Not the best idea, but I say this to get my point across; Which is, to get what you want, you’ll have to be willing to do what it takes to get there.

You must go all in

I read, a lot. Like I spend most of my time indulging in some type of literature. I’Sacrifice is necessary for goal achievementve been this way since a child too (your average bibliophile). I just learned as a child that I enjoyed the subjectivity of literature, like any other art-form I could take my own meaning from the words that were written in the book; Even if it isn’t what the writer had initially intended. My love of books and (desire for knowledge that I’ve found can only be found through them right now) distances me from the outside world though. I prefer to sit, and think or read than interact with people. You guys know what a byproduct of this type of behavior is? A lack of a desire to use my social skills to their full potential. Which, I’m fine with; That’s a sacrifice.

I understood what I was sacrificing and knew what I wanted to do, which was to gather information.

What are you willing to sacrifice?

The question that I want to pose to you is this. What would the result of something half-done be? What would happen if we attempted to apply moderation to something that we’re doing? You won’t achieve the results that you could’ve possibly achieved if you went all out. That’s the answer. Once again, it’s all about sacrifice, be it your health, other potential skills, etc.

So, what are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal?


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