Proactive: The benefits of taking this approach to life and how to do so

A reactive state is synonymous to a self-destructive one

Growing up, I would watch people constantly. This is just the nature of children; We watch and soak in all the information around us, like sponges.

While doing this, I would see people struggling both financially and mentally. Constantly repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Placing themselves in holes that eventually would be too deep to climb out of.  I was in middle school when I began to ask myself, “Why are people doing this to themselves?”

Benefits of being proactive rather than reactive
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g this to themselves?”After sitting on this thought for a while, I eventually began to find my answers.

Initially, I thought that people just weren’t being careful enough. That they were making unnecessary mistakes that were costing them. There was obviously something wrong with this thought though; I didn’t think about the things that were out of our reach. The things that we just couldn’t control. This realization led me to another possible conclusion. That people just weren’t preparing themselves. They didn’t understand that taking care of things ahead of time, while it may seem unnecessary saves one a lot of headache.

Benefits of being proactive?

Being proactive can be beneficial when applied to many parts of our lives; From education to health. It can be the difference between living a productive, fulfilling life and being a waste of talent. In other words, being proactive has many benefits.

I learned this accidentally though. I understood that I was doing something differently, I just didn’t have an explicit understanding of what it was. Until now.

Being proactive with your education

You can be proactive with your education by doing any number of things; from reading daily, or simply going out and experiencing what it is that you want to learn. The only requirement is that you pursue knowledge, making sure that you’re taking in relevant information at a steady pace. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of self-education, but the information does have to be sought after. Meaning that you take your education into your own hands, rather than wait for the information to be dumped into your lap. This is the very definition of the word proactive, controlling a situation rather than waiting for it to happen.


When I was in elementary school, I read a lot of books.

The vocabulary that I picked up from the books placed me ahead of many of the other students in my class who, from the looks of things just didn’t read as much. This in turn helped me fly through English classes with relative ease. This coupled with the possibility that I continued to read with that much ferocity would also help me stay ahead of other people vocabulary-wise throughout the remainder of my life (Along with a combination of exploration and experimentation that is)

This example, although it was a bit accidental shows the benefits of being proactive. I supplemented what I was learning in school with the vocabulary from the books that I was reading outside of school; resulting in a mind that was a bit ahead of others in a certain area.

I read and sought out the words rather than wait for a teacher to tell me that I had to read for an assignment. And this can be applied to any area from Economics to Astronomy. Just immerse yourself in that specific field.

Being proactive with your health

Anyone can be proactive with the way that they approach their physical well-being. As is the idea behind being proactive, don’t wait for something to happen to your body before you start making changes to your routine. It’s simple; Don’t run your body into the ground on a regular basis and wait for the doctor to let you know that something is wrong with you. All you must do is take time out of your day and change things little by little.


Due to my mother’s frequent health crazes, I’ve always been kind of a freak in that regards. I was always trying to figure out if there was something that I could do differently to make myself feel and or look better. Once again, I was accidently being proactive with my health. At a young age I started exercising frequently, lifting weights (Not the best idea considering that I was 13), jogging, counting calories, you know the regular things that you read on a health website.

This didn’t really help me reach any type of goal physique wise (I was way too young to try to build up any real muscle) but it did keep me healthy. I rarely got sick, Ii had tons of energy (I also ate a lot of candy), and I was focused.

You don’t have to go all in the way that I did, but you can change the way that you approach health one step at a time. This can be done by changing the smallest things (walking a little more every day, eating a bit healthier, etc.) The smallest changes can have the biggest impact on your health, the first step is making them.

Most important: Being proactive with your finances

This part of being proactive holds a special place in my heart because I believe that it is the reason why life is difficult for so many people. They don’t understand that taking care of things ahead of times will save them from both heartache and headache.


I’ll just go right into the example on this one

A year ago, I was told by an acquaintance of mine that I was supposed to be reactive, not proactive and that really stuck with me. I began wondering, “what could he mean? “Does that really work?”

I’d grown up seeing people do things that just didn’t make sense and I’d known that behaving in a reactive manner just wasn’t very healthy for a person financially. But, at the moment I was stressed out, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I went on for months like this, in a financially reactive state that required me to drop the entire routine that I’d set for myself and adopt a just-in-time approach to life. I started missing oil changes, resulting in a severely damaged car. I was missing bill payments, wasn’t eating enough calories etc. (I also stopped using my planner) After finally getting fed up with it both mentally and financially, I started picking up the pieces of my life. That way of thinking was just draining.

Don’t be right on time

The way that we approach finances dictates the way that our life is going to be. Meaning that we must go the extra mile and get our cars looked at, save money rather than spend it on pointless possession (Even when things are going great). Being reactive doesn’t allow for exponential growth because we’re constantly battling some new, huge debt that just so happened to “come out of nowhere”. Don’t live in a financially reactive state.

Don’t be right on time. Always be early, it helps you stay ahead others and of the curve.



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