3 reasons why I don’t do backup plans

Backup plans are a decent form of hedging

Backup plans are great, for those trying to protect themselves from risk completely. For those who believe in their plans, but not fully. I am not of the “those” variety. I am not a person who likes backup plans. I like to take risks and I accept the risk that I subject myself to.Backup plans suck


Because it’s necessary. The risk, the fear is what keeps us going. The thrill that comes with throwing yourself into something and giving it your all is amazing. It’s not only amazing, it’s also vital.

Don’t understand?

From what I’ve been taught/learned about business, when putting your money and time into something you want to make sure that you minimize the risk that you assume as much as possible. This I understand; You do want to minimize your risk because without doing so you will lose a lot of money.
But, I’ve also learned that the fear that comes with having a single plan is what keeps you moving. It keeps you aware, hungry. The fear helps when you need to go that extra mile; something that you’ll find that you must do often.

For a better understanding

Have you ever heard the saying, “Your true self shows when you’re backed into a corner?” Probably not, I made it up. But it’s very true. When you’re backed into a corner and you start to feel fearful, your adrenaline starts to pump, and you go into fight or flight mode; which is your body’s response to these two questions, “do you run, or do you attack?”

When you have a back up plan, you rid yourself of the fear that is necessary to keep going. Which means that you understand that you can quit whenever you want to. Besides this, there are various other reasons that I’ve found to justify not having a backup plan.

The fear is necessary

As stated above, the fear is necessary; Fear gives you that extra push that aids you in your efforts. The energy that comes from being afraid that you won’t succeed, or knowing that you have no other option is amazing to say the least. I know that a few of you have understood what it feels like to have your back against the wall. That feeling that you had no other choice but succeed in whatever it is that you’re doing.

Speaking from experience,

I’ve noticed that when I had a back up plan, when I understood that I had something to fall back on, that’s when I didn’t give full effort. I didn’t do everything that I had to do because I knew that I didn’t have to. I knew that I had another source of income that could grow when I needed it to. It just didn’t work for me. I found that I was trying to do too any things at once and realized from reflection on my past performance that I did my best when I struggled. When I knew what I was working towards and fought to get at it.

Incentive not to quit

Incentive not to quit is a big one because that is exactly what you’re giving yourself when you get rid of your back up plan. When you understand that you no longer have a parachute and that your only option is to go hard at whatever you’re ding, you seem to do that. Unless you trigger a flight response and your body decides to run away; n which case I don’t think that it’s the best idea to keep reading my blog. It isn’t for gazelles (inside joke).

You have all the focus in the world

Let me tell you, you’re going to go so hard when you no longer have a parachute that isn’t even funny. All that you’re going to want to do is invest your time into your business because you understand that it’s what you should be doing.
This is kin to the idea that something payed for with your own money gets more attention that something that you’re given or that’s really cheap. When the fear is present you just want to make sure that everything is right, and you won’t stop until it is.
Go hard or go home. If you’re serious about your idea go all the way with it and don’t give yourself an excuse to quit.


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