3 things that I’ve learned about business since starting this blog

The past few months have been amazing

I’ve been running this blog for the past few months and it’s been an enlightening experience. I’ve been able to journal all the things that I’ve been learning; making it both available to you guys and saving it for future reference. I’ve even gotten a few followers and likes on my posts which, I must say feels great. With that, I’ve taken away several things since I’ve started this journey of building a great website/ blog.

The main 3 things that I’ve learned are;

 Profit shouldn’t be the focus

People don’t want to read what you’re saying if you don’t have anything of value to say. Traffic is driven to websites because you have created material that people want to read because they benefit from it. They don’t come to your site because of SEO or some other manipulation of search engines; They come to your site because you have something that they can learn from, you add value.

This also means that profit shouldn’t be the main reason for doing business. The focus should be adding value, profit is the side effect of doing so. People WILL visit your site if you add value (Obviously SEO and marketing play a part in the process) With that in mind, if your goal is to make a profit (like most people in business), then you want to make things that people want to see, or in other words add value.



Improve, Improve, Improve

The content in my blog postings is highly subjective; this is due to the purpose of my site which is to relay information that I’ve learned. With that in mind, while going through my posts, I realized that several of them needed to be completely rewritten. My knowledge account had grown extensively since the point during which they were written, and I’d noticed that there were several things that I stated that simply didn’t fit anymore.

My Self at that time had created a process and a style of writing, that my present Self doesn’t agree with. Upon noticing this, I updated my work to reflect my current thought process; I improved upon what was already there. This is what successful businesses do, they constantly seek to improve their processes.

Work hard and let compound interest do its thing

This ties into the idea that we should focus on delivering information that adds value to your readers lives rather than focus on the possible profits. If you’re delivering a product that does add value, then people will read what you write. A side effect of this would be that people will share your posts which results in you gaining more readers. Focus on creating good material, the followers will come.

This is the effect of compound interest, one follower brings two new followers who, in turn bring 4 new followers. Hard work, good material, and an understanding of your audience does this for you.

So, focus on the process, constantly improve, and profit will come just add value.


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