Rest: Get yourself some if you plan on being productive

Take care of your body

I’ve don’t pay attention to my body and its limits; both my biggest strength and weakness. But lately, I’ve noticed that I can’t go nonstop and expect my body to be able to keep up with.

My body has been giving little hints that it needs rest; I haven’t been able to wake up at my normal times, I haven’t been performing when I go to work out, and I haven’t been able to focus. I attribute this to my overextending myself; constant pressure without allowing my body adequate time to rest and adapt to the workload.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened to me though

In the past I would go through periods of high activity followed by times when I couldn’t get my body to move. I wouldn’t want to get up and go anywhere or do anything because my body wouldn’t listen to me. As I said, this always came after periods of inadequate rest; times when I would sleep for 5 hours and tackle a full day of activity. Seeing this pattern in my activity cycle, I can conclude about what may be causing it. My lack of sleep.

The difference this time is that I’m able to notice what’s happening

The last few times that this has happened, I had no sense of self-awareness. I would simply go an go and be very surprised when my body gave out on me. The fact that I’m aware of whats on on with my body now shows me that progress is being made.

I’ve had periods where I would get adequate sleep, they’ve felt amazing

Remember the times when I got adequate sleep; those were the times when my body was performing the best; I was thinking at a high level, I could move at a steady pace for hours on end without worrying about the crashes that my body experiences on a regular basis now. The only thing is that I wasn’t as productive as I am now. I didn’t get as many things done because of the time that I gave up while my body was resting, which lead me to a desire to find a solution.

What’s a solution?

Okay so I’m aware that my body needs rest, where do I go from here?

I could continue to push myself, but where would that get me. Eventually my body will want to take a break and it will give up on me again. Meaning that pressing forward isn’t a viable solution

What I’ve realized is that what I appear to gain in my spurs of high activity, I lose when I go into the periods of inactivity. Which means that upping the amount of rest that I allow myself to get will be beneficial in the long run. This would also mean that I’m not losing as much time daydreaming as I do now, which would mean that I’m getting work done quicker resulting in saved time.


I could simply find a better way to manage my time. This could come in the form of me cutting things out of my day that don’t necessarily need to be done. This would probably be the best fix considering that I do do some things that are a waste of time.

Aside from rest, what can you do to take care of your body?

Rest is important because it gives our brains’ the time that they need to connesales-is-a-dirty-word-20-638ct everything that we’ve learned throughout the day. But, besides from rest there are a few other things that I used to forget to do to make sure that I was energized and able to tackle the day with vigor.

Don’t forget to eat

Food. The average male needs 2500 calories a day and the average female needs about 2000 calories a day. When you’re on the move you don’t even consider this, you just think about the fact that you have things to do and that they must get done. I understand that we all want to use our time as efficiently as possible and that skipping a meal or two may seem like a good way to maximize our time use; it’s not. Let me tell you, I’ve tried working non-stop without food or water, it’s not fun. After a period of not eating, you begin to slow down and start to miss steps. Pretty soon after you start to miss steps, you feel like complete shit. Think about how slow you’re moving if you feel like this. Consider how much more you could get done if you just took time out of your day to eat something.

Take a break every once in a while

One of my biggest issues, being younger was that I didn’t like to take breaks. I liked to work non-stop without ever taking breaks. When I say breaks I’m saying that i didn’t like to take lunch breaks, I didn’t want to hang out, etc. I just wanted to keep working because I knew that that was the only way that i would reach my goal. Let me tell you that while work is fun, taking breaks is also fun. The break doesn’t have to be a time-waster meaning that you don’t have to watch television or play video games. I’ve found that reading a book or doing things with loved ones’ also does the trick.

You’d be amazed at how easily we can make connections when we allow our minds to idle for a bit.

Don’t overextend yourself

Another big problem that I at one time had. I would try to do everything; work on school work, go to my job, work on personal things, and try to help other people. It’s not possible;I had to consider that my time is limited. We don’t have the ability to be everywhere at once and that things, no matter how organized you try to be, will come up. It happens.

In a nutshell, understand yourself

Understanding our bodies (and regrettably our limits) is a skill in and of itself; It opens our minds to a whole new realm of thinking and aids us in our disciplinary efforts.


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