Comfort: Seeking it is a sure-fire way to find mediocrity

Change doesn’t come to the comfortable

The other day, I was thinking about life. Sorry but this is one of  my strengths, I’m good at contemplating life and the many mysteries that are within it. While doing so, a thought kept coming to mind, “What am I missing?”

This was no random question

I’ve actually thought about this several times before. I’ve looked at the great individuals, at all the things that they’ve accomplished. I know that I’m not supposed to do this but, I’ve compared myself to them. Not in the sense that I’ve compared our upbringings, or possible thought processes. Rather, I’ve looked at their lives and looked for similarities in the things that signaled their great success, their “pivot points”.

They all did their thing and they were all committed

I’ve thought about this several times, what these people are doing, what they didn’t do and what I’ve found is that they commit to their craft. They don’t care much about the money. They don’t care much about the luxury that success in the respective fields gets them. All that they know is that they want to solve a problem and that they’re not willing to quit.

They didn’t seek comfort

Most of these people couldn’t care less if they were comfortable. Several of them weren’t in fact comfortable at all. They told themselves that they wanted to do one thing, to succeed. When I say this, I refer to their lack of desire for an alternative. The lack of desire for alternatives is what makes or breaks entrepreneurs. It creates a hunger that isn’t satisfied by anything less than the fulfillment of their dreams. With that, they were not okay with anything less, so they didn’t accept it. They went out in search of the things that made them whole, which aren’t found in places that they’d already been. Resulting in exploration of things that they weren’t aware of before.


A side effect of the search for discomfort is new knowledge

During their search for new experiences or discomfort, they acquired new knowledge. They found things that they could add to their arsenal of information and could use to build. On the path to acquiring this knowledge, they messed up a few times, hit a couple of bumps, but they got it. They figured out what it was that they were missing and utilized that information.

To do great things, we must do what feels “unnatural”

Comfort produces nothing. After months of deep thought, I’ve realized that comfort, what comes naturally to us is the very thing that holds us back. We don’t want to deal with the pain, we don’t want to struggle, and this is why we produce “ordinary” results. The people who have done great things, , dealt with the pain. These people placed themselves under stress because they understood that overcoming it would be the only thing that would make them whole.

Something to think about

With this in mind, I want you to ask yourself this question whenever you’re attempting something “Am I pushing myself as hard as I can?” If the answer is no, then you can do a bit more. Remember, we’re our own worst enemies.

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