Comfort: Seeking it is a sure-fire way to find mediocrity Part Dos

Recap of last week’s post on finding mediocrity

Last week’s post discussed how making ourselves comfortable is the easiest way to set yourself up for a mediocre lifestyle. Well, in this week’s post I want to add on to that a bit and discuss what I’ve noticed that companies do to both prevent mediocrity and to ensure that they continue to grow and remain profitable.

Allowing yourself to get comfortable is the easiest way to set yourself up for failure

After typing that last post, my mind got to whirring. Initially, I was focused on what it is that gets us past that first barrier and sets us up for success in whatever it is that we want to do. My conclusion for that post was that we would have to place ourselves in such a spot so that we’re forced to grow; we need to be in an area that induces growth, and that area is one where we aren’t comfortable. What happens after we make it past that first hurdle though? Are we set? Or do we still have more work to do?

If we want to succeed and continue to succeed we can never truly get comfortable

When deciding what it is that you want to set yourself up to do for the rest


of your life, consider this. Are you okay with attacking yourself on a regular basis? Never allowing yourself to get comfortable with whatever it is that you’re doing. Think long and hard about this question, it entails that you will be in a state of constant motion, never really getting a “break”.

I hadn’t realized this until I started paying attention to larger companies and the way that they moved.

Successful companies don’t wait for potential threats to come at them to decide how they want to react. They don’t settle down on their initial service and allow themselves to go into stasis. Companies continually attack themselves; they look for ways to improve every aspect of their brand from their customer service to their website. They look for possible developing trends and ways that they can take advantage of those trends.

I gained an understanding of this by looking at both my life and a company that we are all familiar with, “Alphabet Inc” more specifically, Google. I hadn’t known this about them months ago, but they are constantly re-configuring themselves. They attack the code for their website, they attack the services that they offer, heck they even attack their main page. I want you to really think about that last one, you can’t remember 2 months in a row where they’ve had the same image as their cover can you? I know that I can’t, and that’s because they are seriously constantly changing it.

This way of looking and approaching things applies to us as well

One of the most important things that I’ve been told or possibly read somewhere (I honestly can’t remember which) is that we should treat ourselves as if we are the business. My understanding of this saying is that we should do what businesses do, which is maximize our profits (and attack ourselves). On that same token, I believe that it’s safe to say that we could also respond to things and trends the way that businesses do; businesses attack themselves, why shouldn’t we? If businesses attack themselves, constantly seeking ways to improve their services, why shouldn’t we? We are one and the same thing.

Attacking ourselves as human beings doesn’t look much different

This could be done in a plethora of ways, but I simply see it as never allowing myself to relax, always keeping my mind moving. I’m always finding ways to switch things up for myself, in almost every area of my life including; exercise, trading (which isn’t the best idea considering how important consistency is), clothing. I add and subtract movements from my workout routine on a regular basis, still doing the same types of movements just with tiny variations.

My own life helped me gain an understanding of this

Going back to myself I hadn’t understood how financially detrimental it can be to stop attacking yourself until probably a year ago. My understanding of hard work was that it was a means to an end, that I would only have to go hard until my finances were together. That’s not the case. I would work as hard as I possibly could until I didn’t have to anymore, until I reached the point where I couldn’t do it anymore; then I would stop working on myself, which would eventually lead to my falling behind again. The one thing that I didn’t realize was that, if you want longevity in the game the work never really ends.

Don’t ever stop moving, seriously. Always look for ways that you can better yourself, because if you don’t remember that you will lose your spot and rather quickly.

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